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Hi Amigos, I’m the Rev, Cultivation Editor at SKUNK magazine, Author of True Living Organics, and Thee Pollen Slinger at KOS. My goals are simple, and it is to keep things as real as I can with a ton of old school stuff from my vaults and a little bit of newer stuff blended in sometimes. I have a real love for great sativas and sativa hybrids, special love for Thai, Haze, and South African Sativa genetics of yesteryear. You wont find any selfed, reversed, or otherwise “Frankensteined” breeding practices. The KOS spectrum is wide, and the prices are fair, KOS germination rates are always near 100% and I pay severe attention to detail when growing and breeding. Growing and breeding is always done all naturally only, and there are living worms still in my root balls when I harvest plants. This makes KOS seeds stay highly viable for years and years, even under poor storage conditions. Visit Kingdom Organic Seeds on Facebook and have a look at some stuff, updates all the time there. Talk is cheap, try my genes, you’re gonna like ’em.

KOS offers genetics in regular form only.


Black Poison……10pk…….$75.00

Lineage: Black Poison x Black Poison

Weight: Large

Flowering Time: 66-73 Days

The mother of Black Poison is my old Black Durban I made like 6 or more years ago, using a (Nebu) Black Russian female pollinated by two different Durban Poison males I used to call “The Durban Bros.” The paternal (father) was my Black Forrest, which is a land race Vietnamese Jungle Sativa (known as The Black locally) crossed to my old f3 Cherry Bomb out of Hawaii.

Just as I expected, a major connoisseur’s treat here with an uber exotic hybrid from my crazy killer olden stock. I have yet to see any bad females, and she’s psycho potent with “legs of steel” as I say, meaning the effects go on for hours… The blending of the olden Durban Poison with the ancient Vietnamese Jungle Sativa (“Black”) have rendered quite the outcome when it comes to intense connoisseur sativa dominant smoke. You won’t be one bit disappointed with this one.

Black Poison Skunk…..10pk…..$80.00…….Currently Unavailable

Lineage: Black Poison x Red Russian Skunk

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 63-70 Days

The father (Black Poison) is a hybrid recombining my Black Forrest male and my Black Durban. A severely smelly and deadly variety with intensity for days… The mother is my Red Russian Skunk, a super olden (like olden from the early 80’s) inbred line of true Skunk with huge yields, fast finishing times and a devastating high-type. I do mean devastating too, this Skunk line along with being super skunk smelling and covered in resin, is also dumbfounding to both body and head.

This variety is sure to please most peeps in a big way with a big punch and large yields. The acrid cat piss smells of the Black Forrest combined with the super skunky terps of the Red Russian Skunk should make some of the smelliest cannabis you have ever grown; along with a ride that should be unforgettable in both power and legs


Cap Peeler….10pk…..$60.00…….Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Rusty Haze x Thai Lights

Weight: Large yielder

Flowering time: indoors 65-75 days depending on pheno outdoors 1st half of Nov.

She yields large, and if you choose the phenotype that is built more like a Christmas tree, she yields extra large! The other phenotype is taller rather than wide and keeps her axial branches shorter, but with great node spacing and structure too. Both produce unreal amounts of resin and many growers remark how she has resin production like a heavy indica but she is definitely sativa dominant. About 10 weeks is great for flowering but some will come in a tad sooner, but she’s well worth the wait with ‘Old School’ goodness from Dr. Atomic’s Thai Lights and KOS’ Rusty Haze; a match made in heaven for the true connoisseur! The Cap Peeler paternal breeding parent (male) was also one of mine I have been working for years now, the Rusty Haze, which consists of Skunk #1/Bubblegum (male) x Metal Haze. So we have two very fine South East Asians re-colliding in this hybrid and in my experience that always brings very special things to the table as you will see for yourselves.

Boggle Dragon…..10pk……$80.00…Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Boggle Gum x Blue Dragon

Weight: Large yielder

Flowering time: indoors 56-63 days outdoors mid Oct.

This beautiful gooey variety resulting from old school Bubblegum and Northern Lights #5 (from BOG) crossing with my own Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon is a selected Tibetan (Bhutan) cultivar hybridized with a circa 1999 Blue Rhino. The outcome is nothing less than jaw dropping and the smells and flavors will blow your mind. Strong “Bazooka Joe” bubblegum and accents of Skittles and Fruit Striped Gum are to die for strong. She is tough as nails without any weaknesses and yields are very large.

Iron Cindy f2……10pk……Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Cinderella 99 x Metal Haze

Sativa/Indica: 90+% Sativa

Flowering time: 10 Weeks

Yield: Large

Alright breeders out there, as some of you savvy breeders already know this is where the “magic” happens! The F2 generation, when selected for with some actual skills, will usually deliver an array of phenotypes. Now, much like rolling two 6-sided dice, and the probabilities of the resulting rolls being most likely for a total of 7, with declining probabilities going to a 2 (snake eyes) or 12 (boxcars). This is essentially the same curve (bell curve) of possibilities and their guidelines for probability for phenotypes in the F2 generation. So keep that in mind…

I used 2 different females of the F1 Iron Cindy for this cross, as well as one very powerful, large yielding IC male F1s, and the male was a pure blood looking and acting Metal Haze, so he’s a winner huge, in my experience with these lines.

These Iron Cindy F2s will have severe flavors from Cat Pisy to overripe figs with a seriously true “dank” aspect to them. Resin production is a lock (homo) and all offspring will be deadly potent with major resin production; yields should distribute with 75% of the offspring (at least) having very large yields, with some way over the top large, I would seriously think. Legs (length of effect) should be long and very intense, very likely these will cause strong paranoia in those peeps that experience this effect from certain resin profiles. This is a very strong, very intense, almost pure sativa (probably 90%); so be warned! Count on these to all likely triple in size/height from the of flowering until harvest. Some will be less but many will very likely express this kind of sativa-ish stretch.

Cinderella 99 “f4″……..10pk……..$50.00  add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Brothers Grimm Original/ KOS inbred

Weight: medium yielder

Flowering time: indoors 50-57 days

These are some “f4” seeds made from my original “f2” seeds I got from my old buddy RC Cola long ago. Cinderella 99 is not a genetically big yielding plants, however I do think this line does yield a little better than most, but still not big. It is really about the smells, flavors, high potency, short flowering time, and high-type with the Cindy, yes sir! If you have grown them from me before, they’re the same. I know a lot of Cinderella 99 descriptions depict a wide bandwidth of phenotypes from this long IBL, but this line from KOS has two female phenotypes, at a ratio of approx 3:1 normal/citrus respectively. I used to think the citrus pheno was 1 in 8 females, but it is in fact more prevalent than that. The citrus pheno will yield slightly less, and her flowers are more elongated than the normal phenotype. The smells of the citrus pheno can range from grapefruit to pineapple depending on what you feed her and how you grow her. That citrus pheno is also noticeably higher in resin production and smoking her will really spin your melon big; but all the females are sugar coated and deadly potent. The normal phenos smell to me like overripe figs, strongly. Flavors from both phenos are stunning and strong.

CANDYMAN HAZE………10pk….$80.00…..Currently Unavailable add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: F3; Bubble n Squeak x Metal Haze

Sativa/Indica: 60/40

Flower Time: 10 Weeks

This line in its’ F1 hybrid generation is KOS’ Rusty Haze. I have selected this variety leaning/selecting towards the Bubblegum/Skunk side of the hybrid donated by the P1 breeder male, SOG’s Bubble & Squeak. This variety leans heavily (approx 3:2) towards these superior Candyman Haze individual females. I have inbred these two times now, and they are an F3 generation, mostly stable. Some females (approx 1:4) will represent more of the Metal Haze side and these are easily distinguished early in flowering and retain that real cat piss Haze pungent smell along with a more Haze morphology to the plant structure. About 1:4 is a very interesting 50/50 that yields very large, with that real sweet and sour double whammy to smells and flavors. The Candyman Haze individual females will express real Skunk and Bubblegum aspects to smells and flavors, along with a real sharp, almost black licorice background with a distinctive Haze after-bite. Very hearty and deadly potent, one you won’t forget.

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Coma Cluster…….10pk…….$80.00add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Iron Cindy x Boggle Dragon

Flower Time: 66-70 Days

I tested the Iron Cindy male in my “Iron Maiden” tent of torture, where I stress the plant several ways including over pruning, heat, and drought, and he passed and always bounced back fast with flying colors. The Iron Cindy is a hybrid of Dutch Flower’s Metal Haze and my C99 (male). Bringing to the table some serious yields, along with some sharp Hazey and overripe figs as far as the flavoring and smells go. Hearty and highly adaptable, that’s the way we like ‘em.   The Boggle Dragon is BOG’s Bogglegum male crossed to my Blue Dragon selected female, BOG’s hybrid was an old NL #5 crossed to a Bubblegum and the Blue Dragon is Blue Rhino male crossed to a landrace Tibetan cultivar, my Tibetan Gold. I selected the Boggle Dragon female specifically to target the most awesome Tibetan high-type so hopefully it will run dominant in the Coma Cluster.

dark dragon

Dark Dragon……..10pk…….$80.00add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Dark Matter x Boggle Dragon

Sativa/Indica: 50/50

Flower Time: 10 Weeks

Yield: Large/Very Large

The Dark Matter male used in this cross is a hybrid of Rusty Haze x Cherry Thunderfuck. This variety is very hearty with quite unique flavors and smells with large yields. The high-type is one that can cause some paranoia, but to me the Dark Matter is full of “Dark Energy” with zero burnout and long legs and just a super fun ride.

The Boggle Dragon is BOG’s Bogglegum male crossed to my Blue Dragon selected female, BOG’s hybrid was an old NL #5 crossed to a Bubblegum and the Blue Dragon is Blue Rhino male crossed to a landrace Tibetan cultivar, my Tibetan Gold. I selected the Boggle Dragon female specifically to target the most awesome Tibetan high-type that runs dominant in the Dark Dragon hybrid.

The Dark Dragon works well topped or not and is one hell of a large yielding variety, she also has the most powerful strong smells of candied pink grapefruit which is also how she tastes, wow! A real gem here and her potency is extreme; a very good pick for commercial endeavors as she also grows easily, is highly resistant to stress, is super hearty and can get LARGE outdoors especially. Her flowers are large and long with impressive “bag appeal” as we used to say, so check this one out; connoisseur cannabis right here.

Dark Rhino……10pk……$70.00add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Dark Matter x Blue Rhino 1947

Sativa/Indica: 25/75

Flower Time: 58-65 Days

Yield: Average

The Dark Matter male used in this cross is a hybrid of Rusty Haze x Cherry Thunderfuck. This variety is very hearty with quite unique flavors and smells with large yields. The high-type is one that can cause some paranoia, but to me the Dark Matter is full of “Dark Energy” with zero burnout and long legs and just a super fun ride.

The Blue Rhino 1947 female used in this cross is a hybrid of Irish Rose’s Blue Rhino and a Peak 19/AK47 I call the “1947.” This variety carries a very special medical property that suppresses muscle spasms brought about by nerve damage. Blueberry and blond hashish flavors and smells with super hard buds that are deadly potent with a knockout indica punch.

The Dark Rhino is not a huge yielding hybrid and is more like average, however, she is very fast to finish at 9 weeks and easy to grow. She is a great choice for those looking for medical relief from muscle spasms and likely other issues as well, so her medical virtues are high. She delivers a real blow to both head and

Dark Matter……10pk……..$60.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Rusty Haze (male) x Cherry Thunderfuck

Weight: Good

Flowering time: 56 – 60 days

A giant yield with a deadly punch, cash cropper style plant here, and all the way through selecting the females in the CTF (Cherry Thunderfuck) line I always selected for the Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck (MVTF) expressions, as I possessed this original clone way back when. What can I say about this one except super easy to grow, not fussy at all about anything, a huge yielding hash-hard bud, producing massive resin with a distinctive MVTF slant to it. The lemony mango sickeningly sweet flavors are really brought out huge with a two week cure. She has excellent bag appeal and just beautiful huge buds. The Dark Matter paternal breeding parent (male) was also one of mine I have been working for years now, the Rusty Haze, which consists of Skunk #1/Bubblegum (male) x Metal Haze. So as you can extrapolate this lovely variety is truly worthy and she performs perfect indoors with regards to height and stretch.

Darkling Sativa…..10pk……$70.00

Lineage: Black Forrest x Cinderella 99

Weight: Large

Flowering Time: 68-75 Days

The Black Forrest male I used in this cross is my old Vietnam Black landrace jungle sativa crossed to my old f3 Cherry Bomb. This variety is a stupendous killer with legs around 5 hours (length of effects) and I have made this cross before when I was ‘Magick Kingdom’ Seeds and called it “Cindy Black.” So I already know a lot about this cross and what to expect from it. The smells and flavors of the darkling Sativa will be mostly super Hazy/Cat Piss with a background of plumb & honey oil. Cat Piss lovers’ dreamboat right here with a full—basically pure blooded—sativa wallop!

The Cinderella 99 is a super long IBL sativa dominant that is also fast (56-58 days) which will counter the longer flowering times of the Black Forrest (16 weeks). She is a serious connoisseurs’ delight with flavors reminiscent of Haze and overripe figs, mucho delicious! The Darkling Sativas will get large, and if topped she will end up like a huge Medusa’s head full of large and long gooey buds. She will stretch quite a bit into flowering (more than doubling her size).

SPECIAL GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production; for Darkling Sativa I would recommend 65-70 days before flowering, and I would flower only clones indoors. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

Deep Chunk…….10pk…….$75.00…..Currently Unavailable

Lineage: Tom Hill Inbred by KOS (a long line of inbred Afghan Hashplant) Pure Indica

Weight: Large

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

I got these seeds originally about a decade ago from my buddy “Moonshine Man” (Jay) and he had gotten them from Tom Hill. I germinated 6 seeds, and ended up with 5 plants, 3 females and 2 males. I put these in an open blow pollination using both males and all three females. All these plants were strong and uber resinous as you would expect from this strain.

This strain is a very narcotic and hard hitting type, as one would expect from a pure blood indica. The yields are very large and just covered in resin, with a very fuel-like aroma and flavors. Likely an excellent pain killer for many people. Easy to grow, easy to trim, boom! I tested these seeds for viability basically right off the plants and got 90% so they are super viable for sure.

Fat Tuesday…$80.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Bogglegum (m) x Kali Thai (Circa 1999)

Weight: Large

Flowering time: 65 – 70 days

A very connoisseur quality sativa dominant right here, and it’s not sleepy in the least with a ton of inspirational old school sativa energy, and truly what I would call prime adventure weed. Pretty much 10 weeks on the nose and very easy to grow; she will stretch a bit going into flowering and you can expect her to get 3x her size if she is established. The smells during flowering and after harvesting are SEVERELY STRONG and these aspects need to be taken into consideration. She smells dank-dank-dank, and strongly of sour kiwi fruit and blonde hashish. She tastes almost exactly the same, very strong kiwi fruit with a sour/blonde hashish finish – delicious! She is a VERY potent and intense regarding her high-type/resin profile; electric skin sensations and nice long legs at about 3 hours. A superior sativa representation here in my humble opinion.

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The Tombs…….10pk…….$75.00add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Iron Cindy x Blue Rhino

The Blue Rhino 1947 is the female in this cross, and she possesses some very outstanding qualities that more often than not, are expressed in her offspring. The first one is that she gets very dense (I mean yikes dense) buds and yet also deals with mold outdoors very well, especially the Bud Rot type so I would expect some good resistances in The Tombs as well. The second one is that she possesses a very unique muscle spasm calming quality that I can attest to personally, and one of the reasons I like this baybee around. The Tombs is sure to be a “daywrecker” type with extreme ptency almost certainly. The BR1947’s berrylicous flavors and smells should blend uber exotic with the Iron Cindy influences.