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LogoRare Dankness was founded in 2010 after many years of growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with many varieties of Cannabis. Through our global network of friends, Rare Dankness has been able to work with some of the most sought after and highly coveted genetics. Our collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represents the finest specimens of Cannabis strains in the world. Our work is not meant to replicate the “mothers”, but to compliment the genetics by breeding with superior males. Rare Dankness’s goal is to provide the highest quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana community. We believe the road to legalization is through education.



CHEM OX…….12pk…….$100.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Heavy yielding, medium stature plants that finishes in 9-10 weeks, Heavy, head high that increase over first 30 minutes transforming into a comfortable overall experience. Great for resin extraction. Longer flowering typically brings a heavier yield and stronger high.

Lineage: Chem #4 x OX

Indica/Sativa % : 90/10

60-65 Days flower time.



OX PISS………12pk…….$100.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Skunky, Chunky, heavy topped support system for everything, Fragrant buds resin coated heavy; needs a lot of air flow and a good internal site pruning during week 3 of the flower. Dark green leaves turn almost black as this girl ripens. High is beautiful mixture 50/50. Smells like skunk, coffee and touch of fruit or berries. 60 days and done. Push later for heavier high but the air flow is a must.

Lineage: SD Cat Piss x OX

Indica/Sativa % : 90/10

60+ Days flower time.

add-to-cart-LOGO-JBPMP HAZE…$100.00………Currently Unavailable

Old school Skunk genetics play heavily into this hybrid. Large producer. Not for the inexperienced grower, and so worth the effort. Production will be limited on this one, so get em if you see em!

Lineage: SoCal Cat Piss x Nevil’s Wreck

65-80 days flower time.



Lineage: Albert Walker X Nevil’s Wreck

70+ Days flower time.

One of the larger yielding varieties Rare Dankness offers. Long running branches loaded with giant rounded “golden” buds of lemon, fuel, haze and that indescribable Trainwreck funk with some phenos leaning on garlic, lemon and haze. While that may not sound appealing, trust us, it is. Unique, old school lineage brought back with a heavy Sativa twist. Not a strain for inexperienced growers. High is HAPPY. High motivation aspects in the high make it an appealing for a winter time activities to keep away the blahs.


MOONSHINE HAZE……12pk…….$100.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

The 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa Winner.

The Amnesia Haze that mothers this hybrid came from the Soma seeds collection from the 2005-2009 series, which was a little more Afghani dominant. Still this gal reeks of Haze with a creative, productive high. Tropical fruit punch, pine sol, and haze.

70+ days flower time.

Lineage: Amnesia Haze X Nevil’s Wreck


DANK COMMANDER…….12pk…….$100.00add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Legends of Hashish 2013 Winner

Lineage: Catpiss X Rare Dankness #2

Finishes under 65 days indoors

Dank commander is a Catpiss OG, bringing old-school genetics with the a modern twist. Unique scented hybrid has typical OG hints of lemon lime fuel and Kush but this cross brings a lot of pine/alpine flowers and skunk to mix. Heavy perfumed flowers, that distinctive cat piss smell, require odor controll. large yielding fast-growing vigorous plant requires a trellis or staking as branches will snap under the weight of its buds. Dense calyx structure requires good airflow and low humidity to prevent mold. Indica dominant high. Great for Drysift.



DARK SHADOW HAZE….12pk……$100.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Grape infused haze taste is what you get with this girl. Strong grapy upstart, followed by an underlining hazy flavor, with scents to match. This beauty provides big buds, with beautiful purple color, covered in trichs. She is very leggy.

Short veg time or multi topping before flowering recommended. Moderate growing skills.

Medical Uses: ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines, Gastrointestinal Issues, Nausea, AIDS, Cancer, Pain Relief

Great for Hash, BHO

Lineage: Grape Ape x Nevils wreck

70+ Days flower time.

Sativa/Indica % : 70/30


GHOST OF LEEROY…….12pk…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Lineage: Ghost OG x Lee Roy

60-65 Days flower time.

Lemon Cotton Candy flavored buds, with stronger/sturdier branching. High calyx to leaf ratio.


Ghost Train Haze #1………12pk….. $100.00…..Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB


The Original Ghost OG crossed with the Nevil’s Wreck. A powerful amped up effect, good for depression. With the most amazing, sugary trichs. Aromas lean toward sour and hazy. It’s one of Rare Dankness’s most popular creations.

65-80 days flower time. 

Longs Peak Blue…..12pk…..$100.00…..Currently Unavailable                                            add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

These genetics are extremely large producers. One can expect strong Blueberry/Skunk smells during the flowering time. The use of a carbon filter is recommended. LONGS PEAK BLUE has an amazing sweet, blueberry flavor and gives you some  amazing medicinal effects.

Lineage: Old Blue X Rare Dankness #1

60-75 Days flower time.

Rugburn OG………12pk…..$100.00…….Currently Unavailable         add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

An extremely sour/fuely pungent strain, that has a potent, uppity effect. This strain is good for the inexperienced grower.

Lineage: Ghost OG X Rare Dankness #1

50-65 Days flower time.

Scotts OG………12pk……$100.00…Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Extremely high resin production from these genetics. Has a good solid yield and is easy to trim. The beautiful specimen produces a wonderful pungent lemon/kushy smell. Is extremely effective.


Lineage: Triangle Kush X Rare Dankness #1

50-65 Days flower time.


STARKILLER…..12pk…….$100.00….Currently Unavailableadd-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup
Winner of the Oregon Grower’s Cup

Take the Skywalker Og and cross it with the RD#2 male and you get sweet/kushy taste lemonhead candy of all the way around. From the first taste, she brings on the OG flavor. Dense, purplish hued buds, trich covered buds. A little stockier than her Og sisters. Does well indoors or out. Does not like high temps or high PH. Medium to high yielder.

Medical Uses: Pain relief, insomnia, chemotherapy, Gastrointestinal Issues, AIDS, PTSD

Lineage: Skywalker OG Kush X RD#2

60-70 Days flower time.

Indica/Sativa % : 70/30

Harlox……12pk……..$100.00…..Currently Unavailable             add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Harlox is  CBD rich genetics that has an indica dominant effect. The Harlequin mom crossed with prize winning Ox father create a beautiful short stature plant that oozes therapeutic resin. Flavors and live plant scents run amuck with hints of cherry and berries with overtones of temple hash and coffee. Exotic. High return of concentrate can be expected. Short/medium height, bushy.

CBD Levels: High/Very High

Lineage: Harlequin x OX

Indica/Sativa % : 75/25

55-65 Days flower time.

Blue Ox…..12pk……$100.00…..Currently Unavailable  add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

A berry version of the Rare Dankness Stone Mountain genetics. Blue Ox is very strong and pungent. It has hints of Bubba mixed with the potent scent and taste of Blueberry.

Lineage: Old Blue x Ox


65+ Days flower time.

LeeRoy…$100.00……Currently Unavailable  add-to-cart-LOGO-JB

Some of the most potent genetics that RD has created. Dense, multi colored, with Exceptional FROST coverage. The scent is a deep Kush and a hint of lemon and lime, with an identical flavor. Lee Roy is connoisseur-grade genetics. From the first inhale you experience a euphoric effect that lasts. Moderate growing skills.Medical Uses: ADD, Depression, Migraines, Gastrointestinal Issues, Nausea, AIDS, Cancer, Anorexia.

Great for Hash, BHO
Lineage: Triangle Kush X RD#2
Indica/Sativa % : 70/30

 60-70 Days flower time.