Mass Medical Strains

Located in Massachusetts, we are a collective of atoms working together in living harmony creating a unique positive vibration. All plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives. We believe in copying nature as much as possible, to stay wholesome and true to our souls, health, and the environment. Most plants are grown with nothing but soil and water, as nature intended.

We have come out of the underground and into the community because of so much local positive feedback and demand, as well as an underground international presence where our purple strains have been gaining attention as some of the most stable, potent, and enjoyable new varieties. This is all a hobby, a side project in life. It is not done with money as a goal, and therefore all actions are done as a labor of love. The vibes translate to the plants, as they are grown and bred with good intentions and a positive wholesome energy that passes on to anyone who comes in contact with them. Each plant is harvested with a spoken prayer, giving the plant wholesome intentions and positive vibes. We follow no religion, we just believe in the energy of the universe as a complex, interconnected force.



Deadly Sativa…….12pk…….$100.00

Lineage: Amnesia Haze x Prayer Tower

Flower Time: 9 Weeks

Deadly Sativa is an intense plant bred for the true Sativa connoisseur. With only a 9 week bloom time, the average grower can have a chance to experience some real oldschool style Sativa effects. Motivational, psychedelic, speedy/racy effects. Great for increasing energy, pushing yourself in physical activity and uplifting one’s mood. May cause anxiety for sensitive users.

Flavors include butter, lemon, frankincense, haze, solvent/laquer. Very uplifting to smell, and the flavor lingers in the smoke and on the tongue. Expect large yields and tall plants. A shorter veg time means quicker turnaround, because these plants have a very productive stretch period when flowering is induced. Tolerant of higher temperatures and some phenotypes put on colorful leaves at the end of bloom.



Lambs Pupil Regular Seeds….12pk…..$100.00

Lineage: Star Pupli x 90’s Lambsbread

Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks

Lamb’s Pupil brings together two legendary plants. Our Star Pupil breeding mother meets the rare Jamaican Landrace known as Lambs Bread or Lamb’s Breath, which comes from seeds preserved by Dman from the mid 1990’s, straight from Jamaica. The resulting cross maintains the best qualities of both parents. A unique spicy, sometimes nearly plastic flavor, and sweet candy smelling buds. An uplifting, sativa influenced high, with fairly dense and very frosty flowers. Medicinal effects include stress relief, pain relief, motivation, uplifted mood and more. The two main phenotypes you will find are a dark purple pheno and a green pheno with purple streaks throughout the flowers. Plants finish flowering in about 8-10 weeks depending on environment and phenotype, with the greener Lamb’s plants going slightly longer than the deep purple, Pupil dominant.


Prayer Glue…….12pk…….$100.00

Lineage: GG#4 x Prayer Tower Sativa 9

Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks

Prayer Glue is a very special plant. In our experiences with both the original GG4 clone, and Bodhi’s Prayer Tower Sativa strain, the plants spoke to us as a match made in heaven. A beautiful bud structure, incredible amounts of gooey resin on a high yielding plant, with a potent, flavorful smoke that can satisfy the needs of almost anyone. The flavors are a special match as they complement each other very nicely, and add to each other. The nose is complex and hard to describe, with earthy, sharp sour, and background creamy notes. The plant’s branching is stronger than the original GG4 clone, making it easier to support the dense, thick buds. Major amounts of trichome coverage even on the leaf stems, great for extractions and a premium flower. Very limited quantities available.

*Please note that any cross with GG4 can be prone to hermaphrodite tendencies as the glue is originally a hermie strain. Our Prayer Tower male adds good stability and the majority of female plants did not herm. 



Prayer Pupil…….12pk…….$100.00

Lineage: Star Pupil x Prayer Tower

Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks

Prayer Pupil is a super potent and flavorful combination of two standout plants, testing up to 33% THC. Our famous Star Pupil, an exceptional beautiful purple with a strong high, and Bodhi Seeds Prayer Tower Sativa (lemon Thai pheno) increasing yield and adding to the flavor an interesting clean soapy hippie kind of California OG smell. This is an F1 hybrid, and will somewhat grow tall if not topped. 2-3x stretch, some phenos will display light purple coloring, usually starting around week six. Flowers are done in 8-10 weeks. Frosty buds and good yields, they are best grown as a bushy plant. Not for the novice smoker, the extreme potency is powerful and enjoyable, a bit racy and very energetic.

Star Pupil Feminised…..6pk….$100.00

Lineage: Unknown/Probably: Thai, Afghan, Pakistan

Flower Time: Approx 9 Weeks

Medicinally, high THC content (~22%) and moderate CBG content (~0.6-1.2%) as well as abundant anthocyanin and antioxidants make her very useful for a number of symptoms. Most notable are stress relief, stomach and pain relief, appetite, creative and uplifted mood, and a positive vibration. Her sativa genes invoke a powerful mental high, and her indica dominance gives the additional medical effects we all know and love. This bud has an incredible, unique flavor that comes out best in a joint, vape, or dab and can be described as perfume, grape, heavy, ‘purple’, skunky and thick.


Putang Feminised…..6pk…Currently Unavailable

Lineage: Star Pupil x Tangie

Flower Time: 8-9 Weeks

PuTang is Star Pupil x Tangie and is one of the most intense 50/50 hybrids we have ever experienced. The effect is surprisingly sativa and indica, with both a powerful mental high and a super stoney body buzz. Plants will smell mostly of orange/tangerine with some heavier notes from the Pupil side mixed right in. Myrcene and Terpinolene dominate the terpene profile, with over 1.7% total terpenes on our test. Extremely flavorful and enjoyable. Plants have about 2x stretch and finish flowering in 8-9 weeks, most phenos with purple buds and some with green buds with purple streaks and purple trichomes up close. Great for enhancing pleasure as your whole body will become extra sensitive to touch and feel great!

Amnesia Pupil Feminised…..6pk…..$100.00…..Currently Unavailable

Lineage: Star Pupil x Amnesia Haze

Flower Time: 9-10 Weeks

Our version of a modern purple haze. Star Pupil and a very special cut of Amnesia Haze from RQS, combine in this incredible psychoactive, high yielding purple sativa dominant plant. Sharp uplifting scents lemony haze and solvent/laquer fill the air, with a unique buttery flavor to the cured buds that will linger on your hands. Expect 3x stretch and 9-10 week flower time. a strong plant with massive flowers, best grown indoors. Extra buildup of frosty trichomes in the last week. Consume with caution, delicious flavors on the inhale and exhale may lead to overconsumption. Powerfully psychedelic with appetite suppressing and creative sativa effects. Grow with love, care, and good intentions. Most phenos are haze dominant with purple coloration, there is also a less common recessive phenotype which is shorter and more Star Pupil dominant with a slightly faster flower time.