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Cannaexotics is a creation of Gooeybreeder. The company is based on the west coast and has a  very long good standing reputation in the cannabis world as an elite strain creating icon known world wide for some of the most exotic, sought after and prized strains pictured in magazines and websites all over the world.

Gooeybreeder’s work is designed for medical use!

World reknown breeders from all over the world useGooeybreeders work in their own efforts to bring new, unusual traits to their own work to advance their brands.

If they can turn to Cannaexotics as a name they can trust, so can you.

Cannaexotics, where exotic cannabis is born!



84% Pure Gooey…….10pk…….$80.00

This stage of PG seed making yielded some strong plants that still held onto some of the indy traits from S1. Great Mom traits expressed but tends to be sadative in the high than the more sat dom Pure Gooey.
Still follows Moms timing which is around 8-9 weeks.
A Cannaexotics fan fav!
A note about Pure Gooey’s…
This is a line that Gooeybreeder is still refining and building to this day. 
As we change the males to suit our needs, we will alert the public to each
change as folks find it easier to find phenotypes to love in each batch and
find the notices helpful to benefiting their own grow needs. Each release
offers folks added helpful benefits, so collect them all to serve yourself best.


Afgooey Island…….10pk…….$80.00

A wonderful exotic blend of Afgooey with a nice Caribbean Screamer and Old Mendo Haze Massive!




Dark Desire x Mom x C99…….10pk…….$80.00

Using the mother Gooey, Duke Diamond blended her with their world renown C99. Gooey then took a chosen male and hit his famous Dark Desire (which already has mom in it) To produce a fine line that tastes wonderful with a strong yet friendly high and perfect balance. A line you can count on to make an impression!


Dark Desire x Silver Onyx…….10pk…….$80.00

A wonderful complex gene set with amazing phenotype displays of heavy resin expressing plants with deep displays of color. Smells and tastes will be in the berry hash range. Great Structure is the norm, full and thick.



Dark Desire x Silver Onyx (f) x Dark Desire x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem…….10pk…….$80.00

 A color blend for the ages! Frosty resin, berry like smells and impressive plants await those who wish to try them.
As with most of Cannaexotics efforts, these are showcases in cannabis works and we enjoy this mix alot.


Kona Sunset…….10pk…….$80.00…….Currently Unavailable

Dreamy island visions abound with this stunning line, rich with both color and taste this world wide favorite needs little care to thrive in indoor, outdoor and greenhouses. The Old Kona line gives this a uniquely different smoke while the dark cross male colors them and brings African Genes as well.


Midnight Snow (f) x Dark Desire x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem…….10pk…….$80.00

 Simply the fav of all who enjoy the taste of Midnight! Colors full of lime and sweetness abound in this mix and is just the perfect party pot to impress! Whip this out and you’ll have all the friends you’ll want!
Strong high and great yields, easy to grow and at 8-9 weeks, this is one to get!


Mom Gooey x Mom Gooey x C99…….10pk…….$80.00

This could be viewed as a cubing for Gooey much like Pure Gooey, Moms seed version that folks love so much. This uses Duke Diamonds Mom x C99. A great way to get a Gooey phenotype! Amezing Resin, Amazing High!



Mom Gooey (f) x Dark Desire x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem…….10pk…….$80.00

Mom Gooey is in all these crosses, so while adding color to the mix, resin is thickened and wonderful flavors abound!
Mom adds more to the high and the plants express many wonderful phenotypes full of everything folks want in pot!


Mom Gooey x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem x Silver Onyx…….10pk…….$80.00

The mix here adds more Indy dom traits to an already impressive combo. Silver Onyx helps to tighen buds
while Mom adds to the already thick resin. Colors are great and smells are sweet with a touch of hash.





Midnight Snow x LED Gooey…….10pk…….$80.00

An amazing line that brings both old school and new age together to build One very impressive smoke! Berry colors and smells blend with heavy resin coated flowers. Mom Gooey brings the bright citris tones highlighted in the Midnight Snow. 8-9 weeks and very easy to grow.


Midnight Snow x Mom x C99…….10pk…….$80.00

Using our amazing Midnight Snow mom, we hit it with the chosen male of Duke Diamonds Mom x C99 to bring even more resin to the table and to bring a tangy citrus lend to the line from MS. This line brings nice greens and purples and is an all round pleasure to smoke! Strong and yields well!


Midnight Snow x Silver Onyx…….10pk…….$80.00

One of our favs, this line gives you a very nice range of colors with some being very dark. The old Haze genes within lend a strong lime taste along with a berry hash back that is unique and very balanced in its amazing high. 8-9 weeks and does well indoors and outside.



Mom Gooey x Old Mexican…….10pk…….$80.00…….Currently Unavailable

Thick heavy yields of sticky old school drippin with a resin that brings back the old days like no other! An old Gold from deep in the country blends with the world famous classic Northern Cali Gooey! Very different smoke to be sure! Classy!


Old Mendo Haze (f) x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem…….10pk…….$80.00

Taste was a key target for this line and we think we hit it right on the head. A treasure trove of bright limes and berries along with a bright up high and tinged with color, these are a true fav of the breeder.
Gooey knows you’ll love this mix!




Old Mendo Haze x Dark Desire x Berry Mania…….10pk…….$80.00…….Currently Unavailable

Stunning taste, deep rich colors, fantastic structure and ease of growth. Complex medication that has uses in both pain and relaxation issues.


Old Mendo Haze x Pineapple Berry…….10pk…….$80.00

Tangy citrus blends with exotic spice/ berry. Green colors blend with purples to display a delightful set of phenotypes that gives a very special medication!



Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem x Old Thai x Dark Desire x Purp Ghost x Purple Mayhem…10pk… …..$80.00





Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem x Silver Onyx (f) x Dark Desire x Purple Ghost x Purple Mayhem…….10pk…….$80.00

Color and taste, high and show, this mix has what you want. PG and Pm add to the size of the plants while the Desire adds yummy tastes.
Mayhem adds colors while Ghost and Onyx add resin. Take clones, you’ll want to keep phenos around!